We would be pleased to plotter you own device,virtually anything but apple.

As a guide only here are the costs of a windows and Android tablet system

30.00  uk charts
20.00   decent waterproof gps
20.00    decent 12v charger
00.00    for software
50.00  for complete global rasters,over 25000
10.00  post/pack

A a.i.s. receiver added,with its antennas ranges from £75.00 for a simple usb dongle with antenna to £130 for a wireless gps and a.i.s.with multiplexer,again power supply/antennas inc.

For a android tablet system..tablet must have real gps.

15.00  uk charts
25.00  uk plus near continent
45.00  uk,neths,holl,belg,france,spain,portugal inc into spanish med,iberia and atlantic islands.plus world ocean crossing charts,

all above current charts with free next year update,

25.00  out of date med charts (1100)
10.00   ANY...ANY.or multiple 10.00 each.. other geographical area,antartica,north west passage etc etc . out of date.
10.00  app,inc a.i.s. ready
05.00  decent 12v charger
10.00   stand/holder  corner to corner
05.00   decent mains charger
05.00   post pack
02.00   quality charging lead
08.00   Labour.(slave rates)

It is quite possible we have a rugged case, or a generic "all" protector case for youre tablet,appx £20.00

a.i.s. receiver complete kit for tablets is £140 rrp £180

a.i.s. transponder class b  complete kit inc vhf/gps/multiplexer £400

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