We would be pleased to plotter you own device,virtually anything but apple.

As a guide only here are the costs of a windows system

30.00  uk charts
20.00   decent waterproof gps
20.00    decent 12v charger
00.00    for software
50.00  for complete global rasters,over 25000
10.00  post/pack

A a.i.s. receiver added,with its antennas ranges from £75.00 for a simple usb dongle with antenna to £130 for a wireless gps and a.i.s.with multiplexer,again power supply/antennas inc.

For a android tablet system..tablet must have real gps.

15.00 charts
10.00  app,inc a.i.s. ready
05.00  decent 12v charger
10.00   stand/holder  corner to corner
05.00   decent mains charger
05.00   post pack


a.i.s. receiver kit for tablets is £100

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